Suggested Dress Code:

As a boutique portrait studio, we have designed our lighting style and shooting style to compliment the clothing described below.

It is important for the success of your portrait that certain styles and colors of clothing be used, while avoiding other styles and colors. The goal of a portrait is for the face of the individual or family be what is noticed first. Through years of trial and error we have concluded that the descriptions below render the most, beautiful elegant, portrait.


Typically for a family portrait it is custom to wear something a little more formal. Women usually wear a dress of solid color, or a sleeved blouse of solid color with slacks. 

If you absolutely must be casual, the following guidelines need to be followed for it to be a success: You should still be in something dark and solid; not busy. Also, a style that will look acceptable 20 years down the line, as many people make the mistake of wearing trendy clothing only to regret it when fashions change.  Remember it’s your face and eyes that should draw the attention in the portrait not your clothing. 


Men should wear something that is neutral in color. Not necessarily the exact same color as the woman but with in the same color pallet. 

Remember, the eye goes to the brightest part of an image. So if the man is wearing white the viewer's eye will automatically go to him first. 

It is my recommendation to wear something darker in color with no distracting patterns. 

Jackets and ties are recommended, however if you must be casual please follow the casual guidelines above. 



Senior Portraits are handled a little differently then other types of portraiture. Because High School Seniors dress a little more trendy, the goal of a Senior Portrait is to capture who they are during this time in their life. 

There are no real "rules" to follow for Seniors and clothing will be discussed on an individual basis as we "define your style" and preserve it for years to come.