Friday, March 17, 2017
By Alissa Williams
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The reason I take pictures


I remember being a little girl and going to my grandparents house. I remember the closet in the kitchen. It was (and still is) filled with a generous mixture of all the “goodies”. Behind that dark wooden doors lied all the Little Debbie Cakes, cookies and desserts that I was not always allowed to have.

Not only was it filled with the yummiest foods, but deep behind all the food and other miscellaneous stuff was what I really wanted. .

I remember being a kid and sifting through all the yummy foods and reaching to the very back of the closet and pulling out these dusty albums. There were several, some small and square, others long and skinny. As I opened the book I would hear the pages pull apart. Back in that time albums had the sticky velum piece that you would pull away from the page and stick the photo in between so it would hold the photo in place.


What I would find would be stories of who I am. These yellowed, faded black and white photos of what looked like a tougher time. Several people standing on a rickety old front porch with dirty faces and disheveled clothing. The house seemed to be barely standing up.

While other photos I remember of my great grandmother standing in front of a really nice car that looked like it just came off the showroom floor. Other photos fast forwarded through time of me when I was little actually on a family vacation in Myrtle Beach back before my parents got a divorce (they divorced when I was 2) the photos showed him holding me and looking happy to be a dad. I can count on one hand how many times I saw him after that.

These photos recorded my families lives starting back before the depression and during the depression. They told of the coal mines and my Cherokee Indian heritage. To this day, I go “home” and seek out these photo albums and ask my grandfather to tell me the stories one more time hoping to remember them so I can pass the stories down to my children and grandchildren. That perhaps who I am and where I came from will not fade away with my grandparents.

Lets fast forward to today. We have cameras every where. We have SLR cameras, we have camera phones, we have small cameras that fit on our pockets and our purses. Society now takes more photos in a day than people from that time would take in a full year or potentially a lifetime.

The print quality we have now is better than it EVER has been before. We can print on metal, glass, canvas, jewelry, handbags, even planes, buses, automobiles and trains can tell whatever story we wish through pictures.


Why is the first question that is asked to me when someone is asking about pricing,  “do you sell the digital copy?”


People want the rights to print on their own or for cheaper. But here is my question back. “Do you?” When you get the digital file do you actually print it? A very small percentage of people will say, “yes”. Most people look at me with a perplexed look and admit no they don’t.


They upload it to social media and that is as far as it goes. I visit their house and the walls filled with dime store reproductions of trees, or fruits or flowers. Yet on their hard drive lies these beautiful images of loved ones.


Here is my thought and concern. Vint Cerf an internet pioneer says it perfectly when he says, “the 21st century could become a second "Dark Ages" because so much data is now kept in digital format, future generations would struggle to understand our society because technology is advancing so quickly that old files will be inaccessible” from the article, Print out digital photos or risk losing them,



So what is the answer? Why do I take pictures? I am a firm believer we all want to go to our grandparents house and pull out the dusty old photo albums, the ones that tell the story of who we are. Or that old photo of the Cherokee Indian, that is the only thing I have ever asked for from my grandparents.

What we are doing now is getting images and saving them to hard drives or social media..

My goal is to present my clients with something that is archival. Something physical that will be handed down for generations. So that when you’re the grandmother your grandkids can sit with you on the coach as your wrinkly old hands turn the sticky pages of a photo album and share memories of times past. Memories that without these photos our minds would have long forgotten.


I want to present to you that wall portrait that when time passes and people pass, memories pass, that image remains strong, vivid and stands firm against our withering minds.

If this is what you want, Artwork of your family to pass down for generations please call me.

It would be my honor to provide you with a heirloom portrait that will be past down for generations.


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Tuesday, March 07, 2017
By Alissa Williams
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Kingsland Car Show
Alissa is excited to announce her partnership with #Thekingslandcarshow in celebration of this years top 2 winners, Alissa's Portrait Art will give a Portrait Session and complimentary 10 inch Portrait of the winner and their car.
Feel free to sign up your cool car at the link below. If you do not have a car to register come on out and look at all the amazing cars Kingsland car show has to offer!
March 18th, 2017
I will be there as well, with an example of one of my Heirloom Portraits!
See you there!!!
Thursday, February 16, 2017
By Alissa Williams
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Alissa's Ballerina Portrait Party

March 3rd, 2017


I am so excited to invite you and your beautiful ballerina over to my Portrait Boutique for an exclusive invite only Portrait Party. 

Being a highly visual creative person, I frequently have ideas for artwork. Well I have to create this art or the idea just goes into the land of LALA!

So here is the latest idea that popped in my head.

The Title:

The Little Ballerina

The description:

I want a beautiful emotion provoking portrait of a little ballerina. She does not have to be super smiley or overly happy. I want to capture the little chubby fingers, trying to slip on her slipper, or attempting to plie, or even holding her little teddy bear. 

The overall piece will be very traditional in nature. The final piece will be a photographic print on a Giclee' Canvas digitally hand painted then finished with an oil painting overlay. This will be hung in my Studio Gallery and used as an example on my website and social media.  

The winning ballerina will be able to have her own Gallery reveal party where you can invite your friends and family over to the "reveal" of the final art piece. 

Each child will receive a complimentary 8x10 of the original portrait (before the painting is applied) You will have an opportunity to purchase (if you wish but not necessary to participate) 

Please call me at 904.339.5889

or email me at

To reserve your session. This is an invite only event so please be sure to reserve your session time. 

SO EXCITED about this and thank you in advance for allowing me the opportunity to capture your beautiful ballerina.