The Jacksonville Home + Patio Show
Friday, August 11, 2017
By Alissa Williams
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WHoooHooooo! I am so excited about The Jacksonville Home & Patio Show.

Thank you for visiting my blog! If you are here, I am assuming you find my work of something of interest.

Please allow me a moment to give a description to what an Heirloom is; it is defined as


: a valuable object that is owned by a family for many years and passed from one generation to another


Therefore, the art work I desire to create for all, is something that is priceless.. Something that does not have a monetary value. Something that in generations to come someone (maybe a great grandchild) will have a beautiful peace of their heritage on their wall.

So many people put so much value in things that in 1 year have NO VALUE like t.v's furnishings or cars. It is a trend in today's society to really put on the back burner things that you can never get back, and can NEVER be replaced, like Portraits. So many people go to the cheapest photographer and get their images on a disc.

Where are those images in a year from now?

My desire is much deeper than that! My focus is creating one of a kind masterpiece, heirloom portraits. That will be handed down for generations.


This leads me to you right now, reading this article.


How long has it been since you have had a Family Portrait?

What is currently being displayed on your walls?

When someone walks into your home what would they say was the most important thing to you, based on what is the main focal points in your rooms?


If your answer to the last question was anything other than your family, please allow me the opportunity to change that!


I am so blessed to have this opportunity to create something unique for you. I have NEVER heard anyone say, "I wish I never took that family portrait". I have people contacting me all the time telling me how thankful they are that they took the time to have me create their Family Portrait!


This is my first year showcasing my work at The Jacksonville Home & Patio Show, I can hardly contain my excitement!

 Show Rewards

Come by my booth #S2-05  on any of the days to view beautiful samples of my work and reserve a session with me. I will be selling gift certificates that will double their value IF you use them with in 60 days of their purchase. This is the first discount I have ever given, so please come by and take full advantage.

I am also offering a Show giveaway. Come by my booth and sign up to win a portrait session and a 14 inch portrait with artistry (A $550 value) Your session will include a design consultation and clothing consultation.

So please swing by by booth and reserve your portrait session and to sign up to win our contest!

If you need more details please do not hesitate to contact me at  904.339.5889 or email me at

Looking forward to meeting you on September 28th-October 1st. at The Prime Osborne Convention Center in Jacksonville.

Many Blessings to you!



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