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Monday, January 08, 2018
By Alissa Williams
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How much is a portrait worth? That is the question....

I begin this post by referencing a shoot I did about 13 years ago..

The subjects: Twin sisters

Age: About 29

Had not had their portrait taken together since they were kids. Vanessa was visiting her twin sister for the week so they thought it would be a great opportunity to be photographed together. It started out as usual neither one REALLY wanting it done. However, their mom pushed them to do it.

The session went great Vanessa as always was her normal hilarious self making every laugh as usual. The photos turned out to be really nice and the family bought 2 8x10s 2 different poses. The family received their 2 8x10's framed them in some cheap frame and called it a day.


Fast forward 12 years....


Vanessa the one everyone loved and made everyone laugh and was filled with so much zest for life past away. October 23rd, 2017 her sister went searching for all the photographs she could of her sister she sifted through all social media, all her boxes of pictures. She thought back to the picture she had hanging on the wall in the other room and wished she had more images form that session. She had never thought about that session since receiving the 8x10's until now.. Now was when all she wanted was to see all of those images again.


Unfortunately, the digital files had not been backed up correctly and EVERY picture from that session was GONE FOREVER! With the exception of the 2 8x10's purchased.


Now how much are those 8x10's worth?


Vanessa's twin's name was Alissa (yes that is me). I am a photographer and can honestly admit back then I did not value photography as much as I should have. I haphazardly purchased those 8x10s put and them in a cheap frame as if they were meaningless. The digital files.. Well I could always reprint later right? Well even as a photographer and the many systems put in place to keep the unimaginable happening happened to me.. I lost all my digital files on my computer... All those memories..


Thankfully, with technology I was able to photograph one of those 8x10's and am able to create an heirloom art piece, just like the ones I encourage all of my clients to get.. Because you see  in the moment money seems like it matters.. You think oh my gosh that is expensive.. But take it from me, in the moment when you hear of your loved ones death you are not thinking about money and how much that portrait cost you. You are thinking about how grateful you are to have it.. I promise you, the moment you lose someone the first thing you do is cling to the photographs you have of them..


It is in that moment you realize that that Portrait is truly priceless.


I want to encourage you to learn from my story. Please have your portraits taken frequently! Cherish them, frame them in beautiful frames and present them on your personal art gallery called your home! You do not want to regret it when you receive that dreaded phone call when it is in that moment you realize there is nothing else you can do.